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Features & Amenities

Community Enjoyment Spaces

Enjoy at our amphitheater or mini theater and roof sit-outs with a performance stage built for your family and friends to enjoy shows or display your talents. Swimming pool, BBQ pits/dining court will see your weekends come alive, or you can use your own party area or the function court. Other features we offer are an interactive fountain, a separate pets garden/dog walking track/relieving area and shopping plaza.

Sculptured Landscaping by Geyer Coburn Hutchins (Seattle, USA)

The most important aspect of a healthy lavish lifestyle is the outside environment. Every detail is vital for one to really enjoy life, and a good view can completely make one’s day. That’s the beauty of the landscapes at M3M Panorama Suites. Serene, pristine and stretching right up to the horizon, making your comfort our top priority, every tower at Panorama Suites is equipped with its own amenity area and club.

Shrubs & Greens

Seasonal trees and plants have been selected to provide a naturally beautiful setting. Colour coordinated and scented plants adorn the gardens & pathways of M3M Panorama Suites.

Thoughtful Urban Planning

Strategically located, upscale community meeting and recreational havens have been planted on different levels of the towers. Multi-levels and floors have been planned to avoid monotony of blocks. The apartments follow a modern flat slab construction for complete flexibility of space planning and for the ease of running services and large glazing areas. Triple height stilts provide uninterrupted views and 100% landscaping in this amenity filled community space.

M3M Panorama Suites takes into account the theme and philosophy of an enriched life. The overall architectural design provides for a safe circulation around the complex with approximately a 6 km jogging track and vehicle-free walkways. Each tower is designed to have an exclusive entrance area overlooking the splendid green spaces.

Sun and shadow studies have been conducted to ensure maximum benefit to the residents. The structural angles and viewpoints have been designed for optimum panorama and positive mood enhancing scenes.

Multiple Sports Zone

At M3M Panorama Suites, we endorse a healthy lifestyle, and for that we have a multitude of sports facilities like a cricket pitch, lawn tennis and basketball courts, multi-activity field, badminton court, squash court, fitness corner, outdoor exercise station, cycling track, climbing wall, jogging track/reflexology walk and aerobics/multipurpose court.

Children’s Play Areas

Dedicated Kids play area with tot lots, sand pits and water play areas that have wading pools and splash pools, will give your children a safe and healthy environment to have fun. Adventure play area for teenagers and play hills will definitely catch their fancy.

Mesmerizing Interiors by Bilkey Llinas Design, USA

Given the niche segment of residents we have conceptualized the M3M Panorama Suites for, we wanted to bring in specialists for the interiors. After all, when you’re living in the lap of luxury, you’d want nothing to blemish the view, would you? That’s why we got Bilkey Llinas Design from the US on board. They are the ones who have done it all; decorated homes, hotels, casinos, resorts, country clubs, spas and convention facilities, among others. After proving their mettle around the world and gathering oodles of praise, we got them to design the interiors for us; all in an effort to make sure that your home is perfect not just on the outside, but on the inside too!